Paru and Thakur Chawla

A Couple Devoted To Sindhi Language And Culture

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Thakur Chawla - My Nana,
Paru Chawla - My Nani

 Feb 13,2011  

After spending 32 years of your time with someone, you might say that you know and understand that person from head to toe. But in this case I haven’t even touched the surface. Born in Pakistan in a family where you just had to clap hands for getting your pair of shoes from your wadrobe to a struggling refugee in India; a journey where people like us, born after partition will never understand the true sentimental value of it. My nana had arrived at the right time, at the right place. Fortuitously he has not faced the ‘there-is-no-alternative’ factor in his life period. Endowed with an imaginative and searching mind, he engaged himself in the business field. He saw it all; the rude rejections, the disappointments, despair of living in kindness of near strangers. Perhaps it is a back handed compliment to say that he handled common place and complex situations with equal felicity. After many years of commercial business; the business of connecting’ of getting into emotional touch with others came to core of him. The difficulty in estimating Thakur Chawla, my nanaji, is that one has to abandon all pre-set standards including relaxation and effortless command and start all over again. They say behind every successful man there is a woman. Thus always putting back the woman in this male dominated world. But what about the success of the woman; in this scenario Mrs. Paru Chawla - my naniji. She is a self motivated woman and as long as I remember she has been th main strength behind my family and simultaneously achieving her own dreams and wishes. Never once have I seen her complaining about her service career being ended aftermarriage, when one paths ends there is always another one which you have to make. That is precisely what she has done. A woman of substance if you ask me as of today will be for me My Naniji. More that a nani she has been a mother o one and all in the family or elsewhere. She always had that foresight to see and read the future and to tell one - Anand Lalchandani

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