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Happy 80th Birthday dada

 Feb 09,2011  

Dada always inspires me in life with his courage, devotion and intelligence. He is a perfect mix of bravery and aptitude. We all know he is an inspirational writer and has encouraged the new generations to preserve the Sindhi literature, culture and language through his world famous books. I was inspired to learn reading & writing in the sindhi to read the books written by Dada and Dadi. I admire their incredible knowledge of the world.

Dada has fought so many battles to preserve and grow the Sindhi community with his Sita Sindhu Bhavan mission. I remember the days when he was not able to hold the bi-weekly cultural programs (Sindhi Dhamaka) in Sita Sindhu Bhavan, so he came up with the initiative of “Mobile Dhamaka” hence reaching out to more sindhis and spreading it further showing his unwillingness to accept defeat in his mission. He still hosts the cultural programs with utmost devotion, charm and elegance. He continues to help the needy sindhi families with donations. Also, I would like to thank him for helping me in shaping my character by providing a positive impact during my formative years. He is our motivation to live, learn and grow as a true Sindhi. Happy 80th Birthday dada and may lord shower you with many blessings on this special day.

-Ashwin Bijani

Ashwin Bijani

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