Paru and Thakur Chawla

A Couple Devoted To Sindhi Language And Culture

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 Feb 06,2011  

Books by Paru Chawla Books by Thakur Chawla
Sindhi Boli Rohi Dhini by Paru Chawla Sindhi Boli Roi Dini Khilo Ain Khilo by Paru Chawla Khilo Khilo 365 Dhinha by Paru Chawla 365 days Manka MANKA Jhoolan Ja Geet Ain Panjra Jhulelal Ja Geet Ain Panjra Galih Mein Galih Galih Mein Galih Drishant Drishant   Koonj - Paru Thakur Chawla - Tu Sindh Mein Rahi Pau by Thakur Chawla Tu Sindhi Mein Rahi Pau Sindhi Nandiyun Kahaniyun by Thakur Chwla Sindhi Nandiyun Kahaniyun Aju Jyun Kahaniyun Aj Jyun Kahaniyun Sindhi Kahaniyun by Thakur Chawla Sindhi Kahaniyun Shadi-a Ji Pahreen Raat Shadi Ji Pahreen Raat Aaj Ki Kahaniya by Thakur Chawla Aaj Ki Kahaniyan Suhini Magazine Suhini Sipoon Sipoon

Poem of Dadi Paru Chawla: Poems By Paru Chawla

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