Video on Birth Anniversary of Dada Thakur Chawla

Following Video is released in memory of Dada Thakur Chawla on Birth Anniversary.


Dada Thakur Chawla born in 1931 in family of Rich Landlord of Ranipur in Sindh (Now in Pakistan). After Partition he migrated to India and started his business in Mumbai from scratch. He also started supporting many Sindhi community activities and later became key part of Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

Thakur Chawla – A Creative Journey

Thakur Chawla,the Mahaan Shaksiyat,Thakur Chawla,the Nimano-Nihatho, Thakur Chawla,the Dilbar Jaani,Thakur Chawla,Sacho-Saathi,Thakur Chawla, Sutho-Sahitkaar,Thakur Chawla, Sindhiat-Jo-Sipahi,and on and on, so much has been written and so much more can be said of his 82 years spent on this planet…but the core of this gentle soul seems to me to be his unfailing grace, his humane qualities of Satyam,Shivam,Sundaram or the Upanishadic Satchitanand…!He, in his death, has left behind a wonderful fragrance of a highly evolved soul who traveled through life leaving behind his footprints not only in history but more importantly in the hearts and minds of thousands of Sindhis.

Living a difficult and struggle-ridden life, carrying childhood memories of his birth place that refuse to fade, memories that refuse to stop tormenting, living as a refugee, going back to hometown, in search of one’s home, one’s roots, one’s childhood sweetheart is by no means an easy and comfortable life to go through. But the life story of Thakur Chawla reads like a series of trials and turbulations being met with open arms, a happy heart and an uncomplaining self reliance that meets life fully and passionately and achieves the seemingly unachievable, fulfills the dreams that seem unfulfillable.Such is the spirit and strength of Shri Chawla that impacted hundreds of thousands around the world. His humility and his gracious presence was truly a sign of greatness dressed as an utter Gandhian simplicity. He was a son of partition and like others of his generation he took each and every step, consciously or unconsciously in the direction of wanting to be reunited with his mother Sindh. That is the misfortune every son of partition has had to live with and die with.

Shri Thakur Chawla and his lifelong partner and soul mate, Dadi Paru Chawla, a sweet lady with a nimble heart had over six decades of friendship and love affair. Theirs is an exemplary love story for the today’s fickle minded generation. His daughter-in-law, Sonia who was with him in his last moments tells me that she had just given him his favorite morning snack of Khari biscuit and tea and as soon as he finished having it he lied down on the pillow and passed away peacefully.Sonia, incidentally is very close to Dada and reverently served him for the past 28 years, a rare lady with such unimaginable devotion in today’s conflict ridden times.

Everything in life lives with its opposite; happy people don’t even realize they are happy until a tragedy happens in their lives. Similarly most people don’t realize they are alive until they encounter death. It is only against the backdrop of death that life appears real and lively. The event of death gives life an intensity and meaning. Without death life would be an endless cycle of boredom and suffering. In any case life has to have an end in order to make a fresh beginning. Thakur Chawla’s interesting journey has come to an end. But the master storyteller that he was, he must have already begun to write new story on a new blank page and begun anew, fresh journey in this beginingless endless creation of existence!

Sindhishaan sends heartfelt message of peace and harmony for the Chawla family spanning four generations.

Dada Thakur Chawla left for heavenly abode today

Dada Thakur Chawla, husband of Dadi Paru Chawla wrote many Sindhi books and kept Sindhis addicted to his simple stories from day to day life. His first Magazine was known as “Suhini”. He was the editor of famous magazine “Sipoon”.

Dada was silent supporter of Prof. Ram Panjwani and helped him to realise his dream of forming a Sindhi Cultural hub known as Sita Sindhu Bhavan. Dada, along with Dadi Paru Chawla continued to organise fortnightly Sindhi functions since last 20 years (500 shows).

He was on the board of Prof Ram Panjwani Charitable trust, Writers & artists welfare foundation trust & Paru Thakur Chawla Family Trust.

May the Almighty rest his noble soul in peace and give
strength to his family in this hour of grief.
Dada Thakur Chawla Sad Demise


“A distinguished couple” who have been working for years together hand in hand for life enhancement of our rich Sindhi culture. I respect Dada for his innumerable good values & virtues which he has bestowed upon all of us. A fond memory would be the trust he showed in me by handing over his company’s accounts the day I set foot in the house. Whereas, for Mummy I must quote one unique quality of hers which till now keeps me dazed when I recall. On her 50th wedding anniversary she gifted all her 3 gold medals that she had won for her goodness to her two daughters and me. I have preserved this priceless treasure and will never part with it. I have never come across anyone with such a noble heart to give away one’s earned accolade. It is indeed a privilege that I live amidst such caring parents and have got an opportunity to serve them.

Sonia Chawla

My Parents

It feels very strange when you are told to write a few wards about your parents in this special edition of “Koonj” magazine which is in honour of Mr. Thakur Chawla and Mrs. Paru Chawla. Mr Hari Motwani has been a family friend for more that 50 years and has felt the need to honour this unique couple in the latest issue of “Koonj” as he knows and understands them and their contributions to the Sindhi community, Sindhi language, literature and culture. No amount of words are enough to write on your parents but all the same as we have got this opportunity to express ourselves on the work, life and love of our parents we will surely make a sincere attempt and hope we do good justice to it.

Mummy and Dada are poles apart and always agree to disagree so much so that we wonder how they can accomplish so much work together and focus on their goal i.e. saving our culture and language. They are different from each other in their thinking, nature, likes, dislikes,tastes, sense of dressing, style of working and writing. Probably in this unique way they compliment each other. Mummy is the strongest emotional support system of our entire family – be it maternal or paternal and she has successfully played so many roles of a daughter, sister, mother, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, mother-in-law, grandmother. But above all she is the anchor of Dada’s life. She is multifaceted personality and a women of principles and will never compromise on them. She owns the most generous heart, unbelievable vision and foresight and with her selfless and unconditional love has gifted us with the most valuable gifts of love and life. It is an unsolved mystery how she manages to balance her commitments, social service, singing, reading, writing, research, compiling, working long and late hours with lending support, time, devotion, dedication to all the family affairs, budgeting, education of children, grandchildren, poor and needy. Her willingness to share knowledge is unmatched She is a true saint!! (misunderstood due to her bluntness). On the other hand Dada is modern in his thinking, market savvy, very innovative and dresses according to the latest trend. He is well read and keeps himself updated on all that is happening in every nook and corner of the world. He is totally dependant on mummy in all aspects but is fully bankable to everyone. He adores his family and all his children and grandchildren mean the world to him. He is a man of few words but always keeps up to his word and never hurts anyone intentionally. His honesty, integrity and humility are remarkable and have earned him good will everywhere. Love for music, Sindhi culture and Sindhi language bind them together and they have devoted their lives to save these treasures. Mummy and Dada keep up the good work. We are with you and we love you the way you two are!!
Barkha Khushalani

Thakur Chawla – My Nana,
Paru Chawla – My Nani

After spending 32 years of your time with someone, you might say that you know and understand that person from head to toe. But in this case I haven’t even touched the surface. Born in Pakistan in a family where you just had to clap hands for getting your pair of shoes from your wadrobe to a struggling refugee in India; a journey where people like us, born after partition will never understand the true sentimental value of it. My nana had arrived at the right time, at the right place. Fortuitously he has not faced the ‘there-is-no-alternative’ factor in his life period. Endowed with an imaginative and searching mind, he engaged himself in the business field. He saw it all; the rude rejections, the disappointments, despair of living in kindness of near strangers. Perhaps it is a back handed compliment to say that he handled common place and complex situations with equal felicity. After many years of commercial business; the business of connecting’ of getting into emotional touch with others came to core of him. The difficulty in estimating Thakur Chawla, my nanaji, is that one has to abandon all pre-set standards including relaxation and effortless command and start all over again. They say behind every successful man there is a woman. Thus always putting back the woman in this male dominated world. But what about the success of the woman; in this scenario Mrs. Paru Chawla – my naniji. She is a self motivated woman and as long as I remember she has been th main strength behind my family and simultaneously achieving her own dreams and wishes. Never once have I seen her complaining about her service career being ended aftermarriage, when one paths ends there is always another one which you have to make. That is precisely what she has done. A woman of substance if you ask me as of today will be for me My Naniji. More that a nani she has been a mother o one and all in the family or elsewhere. She always had that foresight to see and read the future and to tell one

– Anand Lalchandani

Shaan Wara, Maan Wara, Sahra Muhinja…!

My Nani

My Nani…or should I say my friend, my guide, my teacher – Mrs. Paru Chawla has played many roles in my life and has influenced me in several ways. She is a perfect example of a Superwoman. She is an ideal homemaker, a great writer, a patient coach, a perfect philosopher, a fine singer, and the ultimate mother. My grandmother has taught me not just singing but being a better human being. She has not only ingrained in me the seeds of Sindhi language and culture but also taught me to be systematic and manage time well. One thing that she strongly believes in is to never remain ‘idle’. I think I imbibe this quality from her. I can never forget and thank her enough for the time she spent for my music “riyaz”. The time she devoted patiently so that I could score better marks in my grammar or mathematics test at school. The time she invested in teaching me to write Sindhi language and bag the first prize at my University exams. All I can do is thank God for this making this wonder woman my Grand Mom If there is one person behind everyone’s success in our family – it’s you Grandma – your prayers and hard work.

Thank You soooooooo much!

We all love you.

– Amrita Lal

Happy 80th Birthday dada

Dada always inspires me in life with his courage, devotion and intelligence. He is a perfect mix of bravery and aptitude. We all know he is an inspirational writer and has encouraged the new generations to preserve the Sindhi literature, culture and language through his world famous books. I was inspired to learn reading & writing in the sindhi to read the books written by Dada and Dadi. I admire their incredible knowledge of the world.

Dada has fought so many battles to preserve and grow the Sindhi community with his Sita Sindhu Bhavan mission. I remember the days when he was not able to hold the bi-weekly cultural programs (Sindhi Dhamaka) in Sita Sindhu Bhavan, so he came up with the initiative of “Mobile Dhamaka” hence reaching out to more sindhis and spreading it further showing his unwillingness to accept defeat in his mission. He still hosts the cultural programs with utmost devotion, charm and elegance. He continues to help the needy sindhi families with donations. Also, I would like to thank him for helping me in shaping my character by providing a positive impact during my formative years. He is our motivation to live, learn and grow as a true Sindhi. Happy 80th Birthday dada and may lord shower you with many blessings on this special day.

-Ashwin Bijani

Ashwin Bijani