Paru and Thakur Chawla

A Couple Devoted To Sindhi Language And Culture

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 Feb 15,2011  

“A distinguished couple” who have been working for years together hand in hand for life enhancement of our rich Sindhi culture. I respect Dada for his innumerable good values & virtues which he has bestowed upon all of us. A fond memory would be the trust he showed in me by handing over his company’s accounts the day I set foot in the house. Whereas, for Mummy I must quote one unique quality of hers which till now keeps me dazed when I recall. On her 50th wedding anniversary she gifted all her 3 gold medals that she had won for her goodness to her two daughters and me. I have preserved this priceless treasure and will never part with it. I have never come across anyone with such a noble heart to give away one’s earned accolade. It is indeed a privilege that I live amidst such caring parents and have got an opportunity to serve them. -Sonia Chawla

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Dada Thakur Chawla left for heavenly abode today

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