My Nani

My Nani…or should I say my friend, my guide, my teacher – Mrs. Paru Chawla has played many roles in my life and has influenced me in several ways. She is a perfect example of a Superwoman. She is an ideal homemaker, a great writer, a patient coach, a perfect philosopher, a fine singer, and the ultimate mother. My grandmother has taught me not just singing but being a better human being. She has not only ingrained in me the seeds of Sindhi language and culture but also taught me to be systematic and manage time well. One thing that she strongly believes in is to never remain ‘idle’. I think I imbibe this quality from her. I can never forget and thank her enough for the time she spent for my music “riyaz”. The time she devoted patiently so that I could score better marks in my grammar or mathematics test at school. The time she invested in teaching me to write Sindhi language and bag the first prize at my University exams. All I can do is thank God for this making this wonder woman my Grand Mom If there is one person behind everyone’s success in our family – it’s you Grandma – your prayers and hard work.

Thank You soooooooo much!

We all love you.

– Amrita Lal

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